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In Re: Prestige Brands Holding

July 10, 2006


The opinion of the court was delivered by: Charles L. Brieant, Usdj

Memorandum and Order

Pending before the Court for decision in this Federal Securities Class Action litigation, brought on behalf of persons who purchased the common stock of Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. (Prestige) from February 9, 2005, the date of the initial public offering (IPO), through November 15, 2005 (the class period) are separate motions by Defendantstodismiss pursuant to Rule 12(b)(6). These are Doc. Nos. 42, 45 and 46, the first two of which motions were filed on February 28, 2006 and the last on March 1, 2006.

Defendants are the issuer: Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc., Mr. Peter C. Mann, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of the issuer; Mr. Peter J. Anderson, Chief Financial Officer and Director; David A. Donnini, Outside Director, and Vincent J. Hemmer, Outside Director, sometimes referred to collectively as the Prestige Defendants; Defendants Merrill Lynch Pierce, Fenner and Smith, Inc., Goldman, Sachs and Company, and J.P. Morgan Securities, Inc., collectively the Underwriter Defendants responsible for the IPO, and defendant GTCR Golder Rauner II, LLC, a major investor in the stock of Prestige which, at relevant times, provided Financial and Management Consulting Services to Prestige pursuant to a restated contract which is part of the record in this case.

Familiarity on the part of the reader is assumed with respect to the Consolidated Amended Class Action Complaint in this case, dated December 23, 2005, which consists of 81 pages, 6 separate counts and 190 separate paragraphs of allegations, exclusive of the prayer for relief.

Plaintiffs are purchasers, either directly from the underwriters in the IPO or in the aftermarket, of the common stock of Prestige.

The following well-plead facts are established in the written submissions of the parties. Prior to 2004, Defendants and others became engaged in a series of step transactions intending to point toward the establishment of a business, later named Prestige, as a distributor of prestigious and well known brand name products in the fields of proprietary medicines, household cleaning and personal care products, hopefully leading to an IPO. The products include long-standing brands such as: Comet and Spic and Span cleansers; Chloraseptic, a cough remedy, Murine, eye drops, Prell shampoo, and Compound W, Freeze Off, wart removers, Nu-Skin, a liquid bandage, Cutex nail care products, and Denorex, a medicated shampoo and a line of pediatric remedies. Prestige acquired these products, most of which had been marketed for many years, from larger consumer products or pharmaceutical companies, and private proprietors. The promoters of Prestige perceived an opportunity to acquire and have these products manufactured for them by private brand suppliers, and improve the distribution and sales of the products, market progress of which had been constrained by limited resources of the prior owners or because the products were owned in situations where they were regarded as "non-core" by the prior owners.

Prestige was originally formed in 1996 as a joint venture of Medtech Labs and the Shansby Group to engage in a transaction acquiring unwanted proprietary medical remedy brands from American Home Products Company. In February 2004, GTCR Golder Rauner II, LLC, described as a private equity firm, acquired that business from the founders and added to it the Spic and Span product which it had acquired from prior owners. In April 2004, Bonita Bay Holdings, Inc. was acquired which was the parent company of a concern then known as Prestige Brands International. After acquiring Bonita, the original joint venture began to conduct its business under the Prestige name. In October 2004, Prestige acquired the Little Remedies brand through purchase of Vetco, Inc., a pediatric proprietary health care products manufacturer.

The Complaint

After allegations of background information, the Complaint beginning at ¶ 26 refers to the Registration Statement for the IPO pursuant to which the stock owned by the class members in this lawsuit was sold to the public for approximately $515.2 million dollars. Of this, approximately $130.6 million went to selling shareholders including GTCR and Messrs. Mann and Anderson.

Initially, the Complaint charges that the Prospectus in connection with the IPO, filed on February 9, 2005, was materially false and misleading because it included financial statements not prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) which materially overstated the company's operating results and financial condition for the fiscal years ending March 31, 2003 and 2004 and the nine months ending December 31, 2004. It is alleged that on November 15, 2005, after the IPO had been concluded, Prestige announced a restatement of its financials for the fiscal years ended March 31, 2003, 2004, and 2005 as well as the first quarter of fiscal 2006 ending June 30, 2005. Market decline in response to this restatement was brief and temporary, a fact not relevant to possible claims for rescission, and not critical to the issues presented on the motion.

The Complaint, see ¶ 29, describes a press release on November 15, 2005 which refers to a "cumulative overstatement of net sales of nearly $22 million through the first quarter of fiscal 2006" and disclosed that Prestige was prematurely recognizing revenue. These facts were attributed in the press release to "accounting errors" and the press release argues that "it often was unclear when, from a legal standpoint, risk of loss of its products passed to its customers" and "that the company had concluded that revenues should not be recognized until the product was received by the customers." The press release also announced that the company had incorrectly classified certain promotion and allowance amounts as expense rather than as a reduction of revenue. After the November 15, 2005 announcement, the price of Prestige common stock declined further from $10.42/share to $9.80/share. (The share price had already declined from $11.43/share to $10.43/ share on November 13, 2005 when Prestige announced that it was delaying the release of its financial results).

The Prospectus represented that the unaudited, consolidated financial information was prepared in accordance with GAAP and included all necessary adjustments for a fair presentation of the company's financial position. It also represented that:

Revenue recognition. For sales transactions, we comply with the provisions of Staff, Accounting, Bulletin, 104 "Revenue recognition," which states that revenue should be recognized when the following revenue recognition criteria are met:

(1) persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists; (2) the product has been shipped and the customer takes ownership and assumes the risk of a loss; (3) the selling price is fixed or determinable; and (4) collection of the resulting receivable is reasonably assured.

The Complaint alleges that statements concerning these subjects were "each materially inaccurate as they negligently misrepresented and/or omitted the following adverse facts which then existed and disclosure which was necessary to make the statements made not false and/or misleading including overstating by millions of dollars for the interim periods revenue for fiscal year 2003, 2004 and 2005 that trade promotions and allowances were improperly booked and materially overstated, and that the company revenue was overstated.

The Complaint also alleges that Prestige recognized sales revenue during the month of 2004 in violation of GAAP when it recorded revenue on sales of products that included contemporaneous concessions providing the customers with "charge backs" for any unsold inventory. For example, the Complaint alleges that Prestige sold Compound W wart remover to Wal-Mart, and booked this sale as revenue, even though Prestige knew that Wal-Mart had the option to return to Prestige any unsold ...

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