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Thieriot v. Jaspan Schlesinger Hoffman

September 30, 2010


The opinion of the court was delivered by: A. Kathleen Tomlinson, Magistrate Judge



At the September 16, 2009 conference with counsel, I reviewed the proposed Joint Pre-Trial Order and advised the attorneys of several items that needed to be amended. See DE 33. I gave counsel thirty (30) days to file an Amended Joint Pre-Trial Order and that document was filed on October 16, 2009. See DE 34. On October 19, 2009, I met with the parties for a settlement conference, which ultimately did not achieve a resolution of this action. See DE 35. At that time, Plaintiffs' counsel brought up the issue that Defendants were attempting to add witnesses for the very first time by including their names in the proposed Amended Joint Pre-Trial Order. See DE 35. Since discovery was closed at that juncture, I advised Defendants' counsel that he would have to make a formal motion to re-open discovery since Plaintiffs' counsel would not consent to the new witnesses being added. A motion schedule was set and that motion, among others, is now before this Court.


Prior to Defendants' filing the motion to reopen discovery, Plaintiffs' counsel moved for an order requiring the Defendants to provide an update to their Rule 26(a) disclosures as to the three individuals whom Defendants recently added to their witness list. See DE 36. The Amended Joint Pre-Trial Order (DE 34) listed for the first time, among Defendants' witnesses, the names of Sandy Forbes, a former paralegal at the defendant law firm, and Felix and Viktoria Sater who rented the house from Plaintiffs after the aborted real estate closing at issue here. The Amended Joint Pre-Trial Order included a notation that Plaintiffs objected to the inclusion of these witnesses. According to Plaintiffs' counsel, Defendants did not identify these witnesses in their Initial Disclosures and have continued to refuse to provide the information regarding these witnesses that is required by Rule 26(a)(1) and (3)(i). DE 36. Plaintiffs' letter motion outlines counsel's attempts to obtain information from Defendants regarding, among other things, service of an interrogatory seeking Forbes' last known address and telephone number.

When Plaintiffs' counsel was finally able to get an address from the Defendants, he personally traveled to that address only to learn that Forbes no longer lived there. Id. Plaintiffs' counsel asserts that he brought this information to the attention of Defendants' counsel and requested updated information which the defendant law firm would likely have in its possession or control based upon its retention of pension and/or medical plan records or otherwise. Id. No such information was provided, and, as a result, Plaintiffs object to Defendants' attempt to list Forbes as a trial witness. Plaintiffs argue that it is obvious that Defendants have been in touch with Forbes but still refuse to update their Initial Disclosures and interrogatory answers. Id. The same arguments are asserted with regard to information concerning the Saters. Ultimately, Plaintiffs' counsel contends that the attitude and failure of defense counsel to comply with discovery obligations has impaired and impeded Plaintiffs' trial and motion preparation and counsel asks the Court to issue an order mandating the forthwith disclosure of the above information. Id.

Defendants filed their opposition to the motion to compel (DE 39) on November 10, 2009, one day after the three-business-days limitation for opposition to a letter motion as set forth in my Individual Practice Rules - - and the same day that they filed their motion to re-open discovery (DE 37). Plaintiffs did not file any objection to the late submission of DE 39. In his response to the motion to compel, Defendants' counsel opposes the imposition of sanctions and states that he was not acting in bad faith. DE 39 at 2. According to Defendants' counsel, when Plaintiffs' counsel requested more information on the three witnesses, he e-mailed Plaintiffs' counsel and stated that this was "one of the subjects to be covered in the motion to reopen discovery." Id. Defendants' counsel asserts that he does not have the address or phone number for the three witnesses and that he is only required to disclose this information under Rule 26 if it is known. Defendants' counsel then added "[s]hould the motion to reopen discovery be granted, I will supplement my disclosures as required under Rule 26." Id. Counsel does not cite any case law to support that position.

Defendants filed their motion to reopen discovery on November 10, 2009 -- officially one day after the deadline previously set by the Court, although ECF reflects that the filing was done within several hours after midnight on November 10, 2009. See DE 37. In the motion to re-open, Defendants seek to add Sandy Forbes and the Saters to their witness list, along with a litigation file as an exhibit. Defendants' counsel does not deny that these witnesses were not disclosed in Defendants' Initial Disclosures pursuant to Local Civil Rule 26(a) and that those Initial Disclosures have apparently never been supplemented. According to Defendants' counsel, in preparation of the ex parte submission for the October 19, 2009 settlement conference, he had gone over voluminous documents, including one thousand documents relating to Plaintiffs' asserted damages claim. DE 37 at 1. In the process of doing so, counsel states that he realized he had failed to include these three witnesses on the witness list for trial.

According to Defendants' counsel, Sandy Forbes is a former employee of the defendant law firm who was very involved in the real estate transaction between Plaintiffs and the contract vendees. Forbes is believed to have information supporting the position of the defendant law firm in this action. Defendants' counsel further states that Plaintiffs' counsel has been aware of Sandy Forbes and the role she played in the transaction since the beginning of this lawsuit.

DE 37 at 2. Evidently, sometime in October of 2009, Plaintiffs' counsel advised Defendants' counsel that he had not been able to locate Forbes at the address given to him by Defendants and therefore had not been able to speak with her. Defendants' letter motion states that the managing partner of the defendant law firm has no other address for Forbes, but apparently, the law firm has some personal information that might assist in tracking her down. Id. If the motion to re-open is granted, Defendants' counsel states that he would like to make further attempts to locate Sandy Forbes, at which time he would provide such information to Plaintiffs' counsel so that Plaintiffs' counsel can make an independent determination whether Forbes should be deposed.

As to the other two added witnesses, Viktoria Sater and Felix Sater purportedly rented the subject premises from Plaintiffs for about 11 months, ending in July 2004. Id. The lease between Plaintiffs and the Saters included an option to purchase the premises and also obligated the Saters to pay many of the expenses of the premises. According to Defendants' counsel, the Saters also had a business relationship with Plaintiff Elizabeth Thieriot, which subsequently soured, and which apparently led Elizabeth Thieriot to sue the Saters in three different actions, all of which were eventually settled. Defendants' counsel asserts that Plaintiff Thieriot was paid $1 million as a result of the settlements. Id. In locating the Saters, Defendants' counsel seeks to determine whether the settlement was factored into Plaintiffs' damages calculations in the instant case. In addition, Defendants' counsel wishes to supplement his disclosures regarding the Saters' litigation file since counsel maintains that the file produced by Plaintiffs' counsel appears to be incomplete.

Finally, Defendants' counsel seeks discovery relating to the "recent amendments to Plaintiffs' damages theories and calculation." Id. at 5. According to counsel, "in the pretrial order, Plaintiffs increased their damage claim by almost one million dollars and included new damage theories" and these changes were communicated to Defendants' counsel by Plaintiffs' counsel while the parties were in Court for the October 19 conference. Id. Defendants object to these late changes and seek to be "afforded the opportunity to review these computations in detail, inspect documents related to and substantiating these new damage claims and conduct other discovery that may be appropriate."

In opposing the motion,*fn1 Plaintiffs' counsel asserts that Defendants' motion is filled with "mischaracterizations" and "misleading innuendo" and should be denied in its entirety. See DE 43. Noting that fact discovery in this case closed on June 3, 2009, after two extensions, Plaintiffs' counsel alleges a lack of due diligence on Defendants' part that is not excused. In particular, Plaintiffs' counsel maintains that Sandy Forbes was Defendants' former paralegal whom they did not disclose in their Initial Disclosures, nor at any time for more than 18 months thereafter. Id. Counsel points out that he requested identification of Ms. Forbes and her whereabouts by interrogatory in May 2008. After receiving Defendants' discovery responses, Plaintiffs' counsel demanded supplements to those responses, including a last known address for Ms. Forbes. According to Plaintiffs' counsel, the information was not provided until five months later, in January 2009. From that information, Plaintiffs' counsel attempted to retrieve a telephone number but was unsuccessful. Counsel confirms that he even went to the address only to find that Ms. Forbes no longer resided there. Id. After reporting to Defendants' counsel that he was unable to locate Forbes, Plaintiffs' counsel made inquiry of Forbes' whereabouts at the May 2009 deposition of the defendant law firm's real estate partner, Seth Ross. He states that he also spoke with Defendants' counsel about accessing the firm's pension or retirement benefit records which might have the correct address for Ms. Forbes.

Plaintiffs' counsel also asserts that the record shows the Saters' role as witnesses was not withheld or not made clear during discovery. Prior to December 3, 2008, Plaintiffs' counsel made available to Defendants' counsel the files he was able to obtain concerning Plaintiffs' disputes with the Saters and offered to have Defendants' counsel review them at his convenience. Apparently, Defendants' counsel asked Plaintiffs' counsel to bring the documents to Plaintiff Thieriot's deposition on January 20, 2009, which he did. According to Plaintiffs' ...

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