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Greystone Bank v. Skyline Woods Realty

September 15, 2011


The opinion of the court was delivered by: D'Agostino, U.S. District Judge:



Plaintiff brings this mortgage foreclosure action to foreclose a lien on real property at 4 Skyline Drive, Saugerties, New York in Ulster County. (Dkt. No. 1). On October 1, 2010, plaintiff commenced this action by filing a summons and complaint. Defendant, New York State Department of Taxation and Finance ("NYSDTF") has not answered the complaint or otherwise appeared. On February 8, 2011, plaintiff obtained a Clerk's Entry of Default Judgment. (Dkt. No. 18). Presently before the Court is plaintiff's motion for the following relief: (1) an order granting summary judgment pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 56 against defendants, Skyline Woods Realty, LLC. ("Skyline") and Howard Martin ("Martin"); (2) default judgment pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 55 against the NYSDTF; (3) computation of the amount due under the Loan Documents; (4) an order appointing a referee for the sale of the property; and (5) a judgment of foreclosure and sale. (Dkt. No. 19). Defendants Skyline and Martin oppose plaintiff's motion for summary judgment. (Dkt. No. 27).


The record contains few undisputed facts. In September 1997, Skyline Realty Corp. executed a Mortgage, Security Agreement Fixture Financing Statement and Assignment of Leases and Rents securing the principal amount of $750,000.00 to Country Bank ("First Mortgage"). On March 11, 1998, the First Mortgage was assumed by Skyline Woods Realty, LLC by a Consent and Assumption Agreement. Paragraph 5 of that Agreement contains the following language, which defendant Martin "readily admits" he signed:

5. PERSONAL GUARANTORS. Subject to any exculpations, contained in the Note, the Note shall be guaranteed by Howard Martin ("Personal Guarantor"). Personal Guarantor hereby expressly assumes the unpaid balance due and owing on the Note, together with interests thereon as provided in the Note, together with all other obligations under the Note, Deed of Trusts/Mortgage and each and every one of the Loan Documents, with the same force and effect as if the Personal Guarantor had been specifically assigned therein as the Original Maker, Borrower or Grantor.

In October 2007, after a series of assignments, the First Mortgage was assigned to plaintiff. On October 3, 2007, Skyline executed a Gap Multifamily Mortgage, Assignment of Rents and Security Agreement in the principal amount of $1,517,259.58 ("Second Mortgage"). That Agreement includes, inter alia, the following paragraph:


The occurrence of any one or more of the following shall constitute an Event of Default under this Instrument:

(a) any failure by Borrower to pay or deposit when due any amount required by the Note, this Instrument or any other Loan Document;

(g) any failure by Borrower to perform any of its obligations under this Instrument (other than those specified in Sections 22(a) through (f)), as when required, which continues for a period of 30 days after notice of such failure by Lender to Borrower, but no such notice or grace period shall apply in the case of any such failure which could, in Lender's judgment, absent immediate exercise by Lender of a right or remedy under this Instrument, result in harm to Lender, impairment of the Note or this Instrument or any other security given under any other Loan Document.

Moreover, the Note provides, inter alia:

6. Acceleration. If an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, the entire unpaid principal balance, any accrued interest, the prepayment premium payable under Paragraph 10, if any, and all other amounts payable under this Note and any other Loan Document shall at once become due and payable, at the option of Lender, without any prior notice to Borrower. Lender may exercise this option to accelerate regardless of any prior forbearance.

Skyline consolidated the two mortgages encumbering real property and a premises known as 4 Skyline Drive, Saugerties, New York via a Consolidation, Extension and Modification Agreement. The Agreement was made "as of" October 2, 2007 and was executed by Howard Martin on behalf Skyline and Kevin Williams on behalf of plaintiff. The Agreement consolidated the two mortgages into a single lien of $2,150,000.00 and was recorded in the Ulster County Clerk's Office on October 26, 2007. Pursuant to the Agreement, plaintiff is the holder of the Consolidated Mortgage and the Note.

Skyline defaulted on the monthly payment due on the mortgage on December 2009 and every month thereafter. On May 12, 2010, plaintiff, through counsel, sent a Notice of Default to Skyline with a copy to Martin demanding that Skyline cure the default. The letter stated, in pertinent part:

Please be advised that you are in default of the terms of the Mortgage based upon your failure to make payments as required under the terms of the loan. Therefore, Greystone Bank has declared the entire balance immediately due and payable. If the amount necessary to pay off the entire balance is not received within three business days from the date of this letter, Greystone Bank, its successors and/or assigns shall avail itself of all legal remedies as permitted by law.

On December 22, 2010, Jacqueline Conti, Esq. was appointed as Receiver. On August 26, 2011, upon Ms. Conti's application, the Court appointed Stanley A. Schutzman, Esq. as Successor Receiver of Rents in this action for the benefit of plaintiff.

Plaintiff's complaint sets forth five causes of action for: (1) foreclosure of real property; (2) foreclosure of personal property; (3) rental proceeds; (4) possession; ...

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