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Tpr Investment Associates, Inc. v. Pedowitz & Meister Llp

United States District Court, S.D. New York

May 15, 2014

PEDOWITZ & MEISTER LLP, as escrow agent, DALIA GENGER, as trustee of the Orly Genger 1993 Trust, and ORLY GENGER, as beneficiary of the Orly Genger 1993 Trust, Defendants.

John Dellaportas, Mary C. Pennisi, MORGAN, LEWIS & BOCKIUS, LLP for TPR Investment Associates, Inc.

Yoav M. Griver, Bryan Leinbach, ZEICHNER, ELLMAN & KRAUSE, LLP, for Orly Genger.

Robert A. Meister, PEDOWITZ & MEISTER, LLP, for Pedowitz & Meister, LLP.

Judith Bachman, for Dalia Genger.


JOHN F. KEENAN, District Judge.

We proceed once more unto the breach within the Genger family. In this latest action, TPR Investment Associates, Inc. ("TPR"), which is controlled by Sagi Genger, seeks a judgment directing the release of about $10.3 million in escrowed proceeds (the "Proceeds") arising out of TPR's sale of certain shares of Trans-Resources Inc. to a group of parties known as the "Trump Group." Defendant Orly Genger, Sagi's estranged sister, has filed a motion to dismiss this action. TPR not only opposes Orly's motion but has also cross-moved for summary judgment. Most recently, Orly filed a motion to dismiss the crossclaims against her by Pedowitz & Meister LLP and Dalia Genger.

For the reasons that follow, Orly's motion to dismiss the complaint is denied, and TPR's motion for summary judgment is granted. Orly's motion to dismiss the interpleader crossclaim by Pedowitz & Meister LLP is granted, and her motion to dismiss Dalia's crossclaim against her is denied as moot.

I. Background

The Court assumes familiarity with the extensive history of the Genger family imbroglio. See generally Glenclova Inv. Co. v. Trans-Resources, Inc. , 874 F.Supp.2d 292, 295-300 (S.D.N.Y. 2012) (hereinafter, the "Omnibus Opinion" or Glenclova); TR Investors, LLC v. Genger, No. 6697-CS, 2013 WL 603164, at *3-13 (Del. Ch. Feb. 18, 2013). The following section contains only the background that is necessary to understand the instant action and decision.

A. Relevant History

The Genger combatants include Arie Genger and his adult daughter Orly in one camp; Arie's former wife Dalia, who is the trustee of a trust benefitting her estranged daughter Orly in a second camp; and former Trans-Resources majority owner TPR and its president, Sagi, who is Arie and Dalia's adult son. Also relevant is the collection of entities referred to as the "Trump Group." These include Glenclova Investment Co.; TR Investors, LLC; New TR Equity I, LLC; New TR Equity II, LLC; Eddie Trump; Jules Trump; and Mark Hirsch.

Not including the instant action, most of the litigation between these disputants has been a battle over shares of Trans-Resources stock. Some of the shares in dispute have been referred to as the "Orly Trust Shares." These 1, 102.8 shares had been transferred by TPR, which was then controlled by Arie, to the Orly Genger 1993 Trust (the "Orly Trust") as part of Arie and Dalia's 2004 divorce settlement. Once the Trump Group learned of this and other transfers in 2008, it objected on the grounds that the transfers were prohibited by the March 31, 2001 Stockholders Agreement between Trans-Resources, TPR, and members of the Trump Group. Ultimately, Glenclova filed the Glenclova action to enforce the 2001 Stockholders Agreement. See generally Glenclova , 874 F.Supp.2d at 295-96.

To cover its bases, the Trump Group separately entered into an agreement with TPR (by then under Sagi's control), which gave the Trump Group an option to purchase the Orly Trust Shares should a court determine that the 2004 transfers were void. If the transfers were ruled to be valid, then the Orly Trust would keep the Orly Trust Shares. But if the transfers were deemed void, the shares would go back to TPR, which would then sell them to the Trump Group.

The Delaware Chancery Court determined that Arie's transfer of the Orly Trust Shares to the Orly Trust was void, such that TPR (and not Arie or the Orly Trust) retained legal and beneficial ownership of the disputed shares. TR Investors, LLC v. Genger, C.A. No. 3994-VCS , 2010 WL 3279385, at *3 (Del. Ch. Aug. 9, 2010). While this ruling was being appealed, the Trump Group exercised its option to purchase the Orly Trust Shares from TPR for about $10.3 million. All of the parties agreed that this amount, the Proceeds, should be held in escrow while the Delaware appeal continued. Accordingly, the Proceeds were held in escrow by Pedowitz & Meister LLP ("P&M" or the "Escrow Agent"), pursuant to an agreement between Orly, Dalia, TPR, and the Trump Group (the "Escrow Agreement").

That Escrow Agreement is central to the instant litigation, and will be discussed at greater length below. To summarize, it stated that the Trump Group would proceed with its plan to purchase the Orly Trust Shares from TPR, but that the purchase amount would be held by the Escrow Agent pending a final ruling on beneficial ownership by the Delaware Supreme Court. Ultimately, the Delaware Supreme Court reversed the Chancery Court's determination of beneficial ownership because it ruled that the Chancery Court lacked in personam jurisdiction over TPR and the Orly Trust. Genger v. TR Investors, LLC , 26 A.3d 180, 201-03 (Del. 2011).

After the Delaware Supreme Court's ruling reopened the question of beneficial ownership of the Orly Trust Shares, the Escrow Agent filed an interpleader action before this Court. See Pedowitz & Meister LLP v. TPR Inv. Assocs., Inc., No. 11 Civ. 5602 (S.D.N.Y.). I dismissed the interpleader action for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, reasoning that the parties' competing claims were for beneficial ownership of the Orly Trust Shares, rather than for the Proceeds from the sale of those shares. See Glenclova , 874 F.Supp.2d at 300-04. Thereafter, the Southern District Cashier's Office returned the $10.3 million to the Escrow Agent's escrow account, where it has remained. Since that time, the parties have litigated principally in New York Supreme Court. See Genger v. Genger, No. 651089/2010 (N.Y. Sup.Ct.). As part of a stipulation dismissing the action in Delaware Chancery Court, the parties to that action - TPR/Sagi, the Trump Group, and Dalia, but not Arie or Orly - agreed that the Trump Group is the rightful owner of the Orly Trust Shares. (Dellaportas Dec. Ex. B ΒΆ 2.) Additionally, Orly and the ...

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